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We are available 7 days a week and will provide emergency 24hr transport

Transport Charges

Journeys are priced as a round trip from PL20.

Price per mile:


Important information, your horse's passport must accompany them on all journeys. 

Show rates: You will be given a price for the day, which will include mileage, so you know exactly what you will be charged. So no nasty surprises at the end of the day!

There is a minimum charge for trips under 20miles, which will be charged at £45. Trips which are very local to us, will be charged at our discretion.

Long trips which are mostly on motorways, may be able, to be discounted.

Prices upon application.

Our aim is to be fair, and provide an efficient service, we are flexible about pricing, if you become a regular customer, we will give you discount, where possible.

Please contact us if you wish to share a journey and we will post the area you need to go + the preferred dates. If we can combine your trip with others to keep your costs down, then we will make every effort to do so. 
Obliviously, this is good, if you can be fairly flexible, on the time you need to travel.

Routes are calculated as a round trip from our yard and back again. The route will be choosen, with what is considered to be the best, and smoothest one for your horse, which may not always be the shortest!


Long distance transport must be paid via bank transfer two days before transport date.

Cash on delivery for local transports under £100

Cheques will only be excepted a full 14 days in advance, so that the cheque can be cleared before the transport date. 

Horse Transport in Devon

Pegasus Horse Travel have a passion for horses and we will always do the best we can in transporting your horse in and around Devon. Just call us today on 07720 662 563

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01822 853 484

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07720 662 563

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