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We are available 7 days a week and will provide emergency 24hr transport

Our Horsebox

Our horse box is a Theault Fisteo Stud.  Theault are one of the leading manufactures of horse boxes today. Their boxes are unrivaled on safety and design. And are used by professionals throughout the world.

The Fisteo Stud is specially designed to travel two horses either rear or forward facing.  It has a full height partition and full length rear doors, so your horse can stand safely, within it's padded walls. It also has roof padding to prevent head bumping.  It has a full width back door for safety. So ease of exit for your horse in the event of an emergency. It has a low and inviting ramp for ease of loading your horse.

Our box is excellent for transporting foals and youngstock, as it can be completely shut off into a stable like compartment, where they can stand free. Especially useful, if they are not used to being tied up! It is also excellent for mare's and foals as the name suggests.

It has bulkhead protection. Is temperature controlled with automatic roof ventilation with 3 opening windows.. Plenty of storage space with saddle and bridle holders.
It has a horse viewing window from the cab, so we can monitor your horse during transit.  We can access your horse at all times throughout it's journey. The vehicle is London low emissions zone (LEZ) and Euro 4 compliant.

We only use boxes that we are happy to transport our own horses in and nothing else!


Horse Transport in Devon

Pegasus Horse Travel have a passion for horses and we will always do the best we can in transporting your horse in and around Devon. Just call us today on 07720 662 563

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